AE Development Co.

a Texas-based, family business well rooted in our Houston community, is your best source to meet a variety of your small abode and building requirements. Our dedicated team, with many years of industry experience, can assist you with budgeting, planning, design, manufacturing and construction to meet your individual requirements.

Our resident or office buildings, built from manufactured and green products such as re-purposed shipping containers, are perfect for permanent or temporary housing as well as single-family or multi-family complexes. We manufacture units in all sizes and configurations from a micro/tiny home to a full-sized home, perfect for that home expansion, backyard guest house, office or combination storage facility. Our units can also be built with all amenities or off the grid.

In addition, AE Development Co. can sell our products as either fully assembled homes/buildings or kits for assembly. Our units can be constructed at our Houston or New Orleans facilities or for offsite construction at remote locations throughout Texas or Louisiana. We can also provide kits with assembly assistance throughout the United States, perfect for small offices, warehousing and other specialty needs

The only limitation is your imagination.

We are Members of:

Texas Manufactured Housing Association

We provide fully finished products or in kit form for remote assembly.

Our products are built with quality materials and skilled architects

Our experienced team can assist you through the entire purchasing process from deciding on square footage, configuration, layout, design, construction, placement and inspection. Your unit can be designed with simple to very high-end furnishings/fixtures. Our product offers you a very high level of ability to customize (decide on your own design items) as part of the design process. Our products can be connected to all public/private services or stand totally off the grid using solar panels, water tanks and composting toilets-perfect for your primary residence, vacation home, beach cottage, hunting lodge or guest house.

Our units can be utilized to construct small office parks, worksite offices or storage.

These structures (as with all of our products) can be semi-permanently placed or designed to be transported.

Here are some examples of the products we provide:

Tiny Homes
Small Warehouse
Pop Up units
High Rise Apartments

How can we work with you to provide you with the manufactured building you desire? Please see our contact information below. A team member can discuss with you in much greater detail our various products and pricing.